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Digest The Tortoies And The Hare

== The Tortoies And The Hare ==
I was looking for a API that could help me create a data driven model for a application I was writting at work. Since it was a Java application I turned my eyes towards [ Jakarta] (a true saviour for us Java coders) and found [ Jakarta Digester]. It seemed to full fill all that I needed. So I took it for a spin.

Computer Science Trivia

Here are some fun and usefull(?) facts about the Internet and other areas of computer science.

== First WWW server ==
The first WWW server, serving a HTML page over HTTP was named ''''.
The URL to the document was

The server was later renamed which is still available.

=== Sources ===
# [ Frequently asked questions by the Press - Tim BL]
# [ the website of the world's first-ever web server]

NWN Dedicated Server

== Introduction ==
[ Never Winter Nights] (NWN) is a [[wikipedia:Computer_role-playing_game|RPG]] computer game created by [ BioWare Corp.]. It was initaly released for Microsoft Windows platform but BioWare has since then also released both servers and clients for both GNU/Linux and Apple Macintoch systems.

NWN also allows you to create your own worlds and maps (called modules) so you can extend the experiance of the game.

Linux and Nokia 6680

== Introduction ==
I got myself a Nokia 6680 phone and wanted to connect it to my Ubuntu Linux machine.
Here are some quick notes on what I had to do to get it running.

== Connecting using Nokia DKU-2 USB cable ==
The Nokia 6680 comes with a DKU-2 USB cable which can be used to connect the phone to your computer.

== Transfer files ==

=== Using obexftp ===
When I used obexftp I had to use the '''-F''' flag to get listings.

obexftp -U 1 -F -c C: -l


Sed is a very useful program that often is used as a filter in shell scripts.

From the sed man page:

Sed  is a stream editor.  A stream editor is used to perform basic text
transformations on an input stream (a file or input from  a  pipeline).

== Simple find-and-replace in text file ==
To replace all occurrences of the string ''findme'' and replace it with the string ''replcaceme'' in a file named test.file using ''sed'' just use the follwing command.

sed -e 's/findme/replaceme/g' test.fil > newtest.fil

Unused parameter warning

When using a [[wikipedia:API]] that uses callback functions there is sometimes not necessary to use at all parameters that the callback function prototype declares.

A example a API defines a callback function handleEvent as follows.
int handleFooEvent(int type, EVENT_T* event_p);

In your application you implement this function to see when a Foo Event occurs.

int handleFooEvent(int type, EVENT_T* event_p)
printf("Foo Event of type %d occured", type);


Register new protocol handler in Firefox

Sometimes you may want to configure [ Firefox] to open links for a special protocol in a external application. There is a quite simple way to do this but it requires knowledge about one of Firefox most usefull "hidden feature" the ''about:config'' page. On this page you can view and alter the your Firefox configuration.

* Enter about:config
* Create a new string value by right click and select New -> String. Enter '''''protocol''''' as preference name.