Using JavaSVN beta with Subclipse

== Why ? ==
The beta version of JavaSVN (1.1.0 beta 4) has support for the ''file://'' protocol.

== Prerequisite ==
# [ Eclipse] 3.x
# Install the latest version of [ subclipse].
# Donwload the standalone release ot [ JavaSVN 1.0.1 Beta 4].

== Install ==
Copy '''''ganymed.jar''''' and '''''javasvn.jar''''' from the JavaSVN beta zip to '''''/plugins/org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core_1.0.3/lib''''' overwriting files with the same name.
Then copy the file '''''javasvn-javahl.jar''''' from the JavaSVN beta zip file to '''''/plugins/org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core_1.0.3/lib''''' and rename it to '''''svnjavahl.jar'''''.

== Credits ==
I found the solution on the [ subclipse users mailing list].