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Project Ideas

Below are some ideas on projects I would like to get started on (when time comes).

== HL7 Support in Spring Integration ==
* [ Spring Integration Extensions]
* [ Spring Integration TCP and UDP Support]
* [ HL7 Camel component]
* [ HAPI]

== Add support for SMPP to Hyperic ==
Add support for sending SMS via SMPP to Hyperic.

* [ smppapi]
* [ Hyperic]

== cpio Inflater/Deflater Java library ==
See [ JUCpio]

== CGI based Java Servlet Engine ==
Creating a Java Servlet Engine that can be executed as a CGI. This would be usefull when wanting to host JSP/Servlet based webpages on hosting companies that only provide PHP/CGI environment.

=== Similar projects ===

=== References ===
* [ JavaServer Pages Technology]

== Serial Terminal Server ==
A small server that lets you connect to a machines serial console with a telnet client. Once connected you should be able to choose which serial port to connect to and it should be possible to change serial port communication settings while connected.

On connect a menu like the one below should be presented:

Connect to serial port:
1. /dev/ttyS0
2. /dev/ttyS1
3. /dev/ttyS2

Enter your choice:

During connection pressing a key sequence (for example Ctrl-A Ctrl-C) will move you into a settings/controll shell where you can change settings for the serial port communication.

It should be possible for the admin to restrict access to serial ports to ceratain client hosts. Maybe also add possibility to password protect one or more serial ports.

=== Similar projects ===
* [ Tiny Terminal Server]

== ClearCase WebDAV GW ==
Creating a webdav capable server which can serve as a GW into a ClearCase VOB or View.

A view would for example be accessed thru '''' where ''viewname'' is the name of a allready existing view.

This would open a possibility to integrate code stored in clearcase into a [ subversion] using ''[ Externals Definitions]''.

=== References ===
; [ Jakarta Slide]
:Could be used as a foundation for the server part.
; [ Jigsaw]
: Another possible solution for the server part
; [ Clearcase for java]
: A Java API to access Clearcase elements.
; mod_dav based Apache module
: If the system should be witen in C ?

== Online Bookmark Collection ==
A webapplication to store and organize bookmarks online. Should have posibility to handle several users bookmark collections aswell as marking bookmarks as "public" for sharing with other users and/or guests.

It should be possible to add tags to a bookmark to categorize it. Tags can be both public and private.

Maybe implement it in Ruby using Ruby on Rails.

=== References ===
; []
: This is a more comunity version of what I had in mind.
; [ bookmarker]
: This is the tool I use today. It lacks tag support and seems unsupported.
; [ Ruby on Rails]

== Eclipse Shell Console ==
A plugin for eclipse wich provides a view with a user selectable shell. Maybe have a easy context menu option to let
the user run a script on a selected file.

=== Similar projects ===
;[ EcSplorer]
: Nice but under a "free for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY" license.
;[ Wicked Shell]
: Seems nice but I had some problems getting it to run other shells than bash. Also lacks the content menu.

== xDocBook Editor ==
A xDocBook Editor which uses XSLT to produce a WYSIWYG view of the document.

=== Similar products ===
; [ XMLmind]
: Great XML editor but not "software libre".