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Linux and Nokia 6680

== Introduction ==
I got myself a Nokia 6680 phone and wanted to connect it to my Ubuntu Linux machine.
Here are some quick notes on what I had to do to get it running.

== Connecting using Nokia DKU-2 USB cable ==
The Nokia 6680 comes with a DKU-2 USB cable which can be used to connect the phone to your computer.

== Transfer files ==

=== Using obexftp ===
When I used obexftp I had to use the '''-F''' flag to get listings.

obexftp -U 1 -F -c C: -l

== Syncronizing Nokia 6680 with files ==
To keep a backup of all contacts and Calendar events I use msynctool to backup all data to my computer.

Since the file-sync backend can only sync to one directory per group I had to create two groups, one for Contacts and the other for Events (Calendar).

Below is a instruction on how to set up this in the same way as I did.

First to you create the nokia-contact group using msynctool and add members to it. First a file-sync and then a syncml-obex-client.

msynctool --addgroup nokia-contact
msynctool --addmember nokia-contact file-sync
msynctool --addmember nokia-contact syncml-obex-client

Then configure the file-sync member to set the directory into which the data is to be saved.

msynctool --configure nokia-contact 1

In the XML change the ''path'' element to contain ''/home/user/Documents/PC_Suite/Contacts/''.

Now configure the syncml-obex-client member.

msynctool --configure nokia-contact 2

Set the following data.
identifier: PC Suite
version: 1
wbxml: 1
usestringtable: 1
type: 5
recvLimit: 10000
maxObjSize: 10000

And now the create the nokia-events group.

msynctool --addgroup nokia-calendar
msynctool --addmember nokia-calendar file-sync
msynctool --addmember nokia-calendar syncml-obex-client

Configure the file-sync member and set the ''path'' to ''/home/user/Documents/PC_Suite/Event/''.

msynctool --configure nokia-calendar 1

Configure the syncml-obex-client member and set the same data as for the nokia-contact group above.

msynctool --configure nokia-calendar 2

And we are done. To help running the synchronisation I use the following shell script.

echo "contact"
msynctool --sync nokia-contact --filter-objtype note --filter-objtype event --filter-objtype todo
echo "calendar"
msynctool --sync nokia-calendar --filter-objtype note --filter-objtype contact --filter-objtype todo

== Links/References ==
* [ Nokia 6680 and Linux]
* [ Nokia 6680 synchronization with Evolution over USB (Debian Linux)]