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Evolution Connector

== OWA username and mailboxname is not the same ==
I had some problems connecting to my company email account (the serever running on MS Exchange with OWA enabled). The problem seems to be that in the setup we have the username and mailboxname are not the same and since Evolution 2.x the setup don't let you specify these setting seperatly (in 1.4 you had a textbox for each did).
I solved it by fetching the gconf.xml file from a machine I knew I had a working setup.
So here is a quick tutorial if you have the same problem.

* Shutdown Evolution and all it's processes.
* Start GConf editor. '''Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor''' on Ubuntu or just run the program gconf-editor from a (X)terminal.
* In the tree brows to /apps/evolution/mail
* Open the accounts key for editing.
* Add a new item to the list with the following XML document as a one-liner. You will have to change some adressesa and username to fit your setup.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Your Name
Your Organisation



exchange:// Items

* Start Evolution