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Clearcase Tips and Trix

Most of the content on this page is '''pinched''' from [ YoLinux Tutorial - Clearcase Client Commands]. I've just added them here for quick reference.

== Usefull Commands ==

''ct lsco''
List all checkedout files in the current directory.

''ct lsco -r''
Same as above with the flag "-r" recusivly looks in sub directories.

''ct lsco -me -cview -all''
List all files that are checkedout by me in the current view.

''ct find ./ -branch 'brtype(branch-name)' -print''
Find all files of the specified branch name.

''ct lsprivate''
List all private files in current view.

''find . -print | xargs cleartool mkelem -mkpath -nc''
Recursively add all files and directories in the current directory

''cleartool find . -exec 'cleartool ci -nc $CLEARCASE_PN'
Recursively checkin all files (and directories) in the current directory.