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3 Sweden and Samsung Galaxy I7500

Finally I got my Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500.

When I inserted my SIM it directly connected me to my operator here in Sweden (which is 3).
My first surprise was that the networks shows up as "SWEDEN 3" or sometimes only "SWEDEN".
Voice calls works directly without any problems.

Setting up the APN for data connection gave me some minor problems.

Mostly for fun I called 3 support and asked them for help. I kind of assumed that they would just tell me that the Galaxy was a unsupported device and hang up. But, though they could not guide me in the menus, they did gave me all there basic detail (including IP addresses to the MMS proxy in case DNS was not working) so a big thanks to you.

Here is the settings I ended up using:

Go in under Settings -> Wireless controls -> Mobile networks. Then select "Access Point Names".

Press the menu key and select "New APN" and fill in the following:
Name: 3 (or what ever you want)
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8799
MCC: 240
MNC: 02
APN type: internet+mms

The rest of the settings not listed above should be left as "<Not set>" or "None".

Just press the back key to save the settings and enable the newly create APN by checking the radio button next to it in the APN listing.

The SMSC number (+46735480000) was filled in for me (probably retrieved from the SIM). It can be found by starting the Messaging application, press the menu key and select "Settings".

However I had to set-up the Voicemail number (+46735333333) under Settings -> Call Settings -> Voicemail.