Register new protocol handler in Firefox

Sometimes you may want to configure [ Firefox] to open links for a special protocol in a external application. There is a quite simple way to do this but it requires knowledge about one of Firefox most usefull "hidden feature" the ''about:config'' page. On this page you can view and alter the your Firefox configuration.

* Enter about:config
* Create a new string value by right click and select New -> String. Enter '''''protocol''''' as preference name.

Firefox Hangs

[ Firefox] hangs when tab or window containing a flash applet is closed. This only happens with sometimes.

== Possible solutions ==
=== Sound problem ===
The problem can be that [ firefox] is not able to play the sound since you have a newer [ Linux] [ kernel] (with [ ALSA]).
Install ''libesd-alsa0''. On a [ Debian] based system just do:

<bash>apt-get install libesd-alsa0</bash>