Revision control

Using JavaSVN beta with Subclipse

== Why ? ==
The beta version of JavaSVN (1.1.0 beta 4) has support for the ''file://'' protocol.

== Prerequisite ==
# [ Eclipse] 3.x
# Install the latest version of [ subclipse].
# Donwload the standalone release ot [ JavaSVN 1.0.1 Beta 4].

== Install ==
Copy '''''ganymed.jar''''' and '''''javasvn.jar''''' from the JavaSVN beta zip to '''''/plugins/org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core_1.0.3/lib''''' overwriting files with the same name.

SVN by Example

== The example setup ==
The following test repository was created and used in the following examples.

$ cd /tmp
$ svnadmin create `pwd`/testrepo
$ svn mkdir -m "Added trunk" file:///tmp/testrepo/trunk/
$ svn co file:///tmp/testrepo/trunk/ testwc

$ echo "Added file in revision 2" > testfile.txt
$ svn add testfile.txt
$ svn ci -m "Rev 2"
Sending testfile.txt
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 2.
$ echo "Added a new line in rev 3" >> testfile.txt
$ svn ci -m "Rev 3"
Sending testfile.txt

Clearcase Tips and Trix

Most of the content on this page is '''pinched''' from [ YoLinux Tutorial - Clearcase Client Commands]. I've just added them here for quick reference.

== Usefull Commands ==

''ct lsco''
List all checkedout files in the current directory.

''ct lsco -r''
Same as above with the flag "-r" recusivly looks in sub directories.

''ct lsco -me -cview -all''
List all files that are checkedout by me in the current view.

''ct find ./ -branch 'brtype(branch-name)' -print''