Setting up SMTP server on a development test server running Ubuntu

This is a simple step-by-step tutorial to install and configure exim to route all e-mails send though a local SMTP server to one local user, regardless of the e-mail address or domain. I found this set-up very usefull when testing applications that send e-mail messages and you do not want to generate multiple HotMail accounts for testing or in case I'm wanted to do some testing and development when I'm offline.

Install exim

Start with installing exim.
user@devmachine:~$ sudo apt-get install exim4


Ubuntu 10.10 on ASRock X58 Extreme3

As a Xmas-gift to myself I decided to replace my 10 year old workstation with a new one. After recommendations from a friend I decided to buy the new computer from Mr. PC Computers. I also enjoy supporting local dealers. The very next day I could collect the computer and once at home I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat).

Hardware specs and BIOS settings

Intel Core i7 950 3066MHz Socket 1366 Box

Backup DVD using HandBrakeCLI

Making copies of your DVD movies into MKV format has never been easier thanks to HandBrake.

Below is a small shell script that uses HandBrakeCLI to save the longest title and Swedish subtitle into MKV format.

# This is a simple shell script which will
# grab the longest title and Swedish subtitle and
# then encode it as MKV
TITLE=`lsdvd -c | grep "Disc Title" | gawk '{


NWN Dedicated Server

== Introduction ==
[ Never Winter Nights] (NWN) is a [[wikipedia:Computer_role-playing_game|RPG]] computer game created by [ BioWare Corp.]. It was initaly released for Microsoft Windows platform but BioWare has since then also released both servers and clients for both GNU/Linux and Apple Macintoch systems.

NWN also allows you to create your own worlds and maps (called modules) so you can extend the experiance of the game.

Linux and Nokia 6680

== Introduction ==
I got myself a Nokia 6680 phone and wanted to connect it to my Ubuntu Linux machine.
Here are some quick notes on what I had to do to get it running.

== Connecting using Nokia DKU-2 USB cable ==
The Nokia 6680 comes with a DKU-2 USB cable which can be used to connect the phone to your computer.

== Transfer files ==

=== Using obexftp ===
When I used obexftp I had to use the '''-F''' flag to get listings.

obexftp -U 1 -F -c C: -l

Multiple interfaces on the same subnet

In the Linux implementation of the IP stack a IP address belongs to the host event though the administrator configures it on a devices. This can cause somewhat unexpected behaviour when multiple interfaces are configured to use the same network.

== The network ==

 {network A}
            \       +--------------+
             -(eth0)| Linux server |
                     (eth2)  (eth3)
                       |       | 
                      {Network B}