Backup DVD using HandBrakeCLI

Making copies of your DVD movies into MKV format has never been easier thanks to HandBrake.

Below is a small shell script that uses HandBrakeCLI to save the longest title and Swedish subtitle into MKV format.

# This is a simple shell script which will
# grab the longest title and Swedish subtitle and
# then encode it as MKV
TITLE=`lsdvd -c | grep "Disc Title" | gawk '{



Sed is a very useful program that often is used as a filter in shell scripts.

From the sed man page:

Sed  is a stream editor.  A stream editor is used to perform basic text
transformations on an input stream (a file or input from  a  pipeline).

== Simple find-and-replace in text file ==
To replace all occurrences of the string ''findme'' and replace it with the string ''replcaceme'' in a file named test.file using ''sed'' just use the follwing command.

sed -e 's/findme/replaceme/g' test.fil > newtest.fil