Android Debuger, Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 and Jaunty & Maverick

Using information and help from Olaf and patched adb from Flori7500 I can now use Android SDK to connect to my Galaxy.

Here is how I set-up Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) so that I could use adb to access my Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. I can confirm that the same instructions also works after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10.

3 Sweden and Samsung Galaxy I7500

Finally I got my Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500.

When I inserted my SIM it directly connected me to my operator here in Sweden (which is 3).
My first surprise was that the networks shows up as "SWEDEN 3" or sometimes only "SWEDEN".
Voice calls works directly without any problems.

Setting up the APN for data connection gave me some minor problems.

Linux and Nokia 6680

== Introduction ==
I got myself a Nokia 6680 phone and wanted to connect it to my Ubuntu Linux machine.
Here are some quick notes on what I had to do to get it running.

== Connecting using Nokia DKU-2 USB cable ==
The Nokia 6680 comes with a DKU-2 USB cable which can be used to connect the phone to your computer.

== Transfer files ==

=== Using obexftp ===
When I used obexftp I had to use the '''-F''' flag to get listings.

obexftp -U 1 -F -c C: -l