Pontus Scratchpad

This is my scratchpad where I make random notes about things that interests me. As a result this site is mostly to collect random notes and thoughts.

There is no guarantee on quality of the content and it’s mostly there because I found that piece of information use full at some point.


This site should not use any cookies at all. If it is, I’ve messed up so please let me know :-).

Origin of subtitle

The subtitle of this site “The shortest answer is doing” is an old english proverb found, among other places, in The Works Of George Herbert Edited With A Commentary F. E. Hutchinson, Clarendon Press, 1945, Outlandish Proverbs Selected By Mr. G. H., 552; p. 340.

I’ve previously attributed this quote to Ernest Hemingway, however I’ve been told there is no evidence that he spoke or wrote those words.


The views and opinions on displayed on this page are the personal opinions of Pontus Ullgren and are not to be considered the opinions of any company and/or organisation that he can be associated with.

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