Running Mule With Systemd

Most modern Linux distributions now uses systemd as the init system. However the official documentation for Mule Standalone Runtime currently (2017-06-19) only describes how to use the old SystemV init script style to run the Mule Standalone Runtime as a Unix Daemon.

Web Service Consumer Connector With Mule ESB CE

In this blog I will explain two ways to prepare the payload to be used by the Web Service Consumer when you can not or do not want to use DataMapper or DataWeave. I expect that the reader is familiare with the basics of creating a Mule ESB application and using the HTTP Listner connector aswell as the Web Service Consumer.

Building a HTTP Proxy Flow in Mule 3.6+

Using a ESB to proxy incoming HTTP (and HTTPS) calls to an internal service, adding cross cutting concerns such as logging and authentication, is not uncommon. This blog will describe how to build such a proxy flow using Mule ESB 3.6.1 Community Edition.